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Having Problems with your Windows!

Microsoft Windows is no doubt the most popular operating system that is used all over the world. Billions of happy Microsoft Windows users are satisfied with its features and performance. The developer of windows also done the necessary changes time to time to make the windows more secure, more reliable and perform better than ever. Due to this many versions of Microsoft operating system have launched.

Windows XP is the most popular and highly appreciated operating system which was made to use on personal computers like home and business desktops and notebooks and the media centers. It is the successor of the Windows 2000 Professional and Windows Me. It has various advantages over other operating systems. Some of them are:

1. Hardware support

2. Gaming support

3. Security

4. Office 2007

5. Wireless networking

6. Software availability

7. Help from communities

8. Plug and play

This is just a small list and it has much more than this. Windows XP also provide significant advancements in the data recovery and protection and private key recovery. The data recovery due using Encrypting File System (EFS) was first introduced in windows 2000 and is enhanced in windows XP. It has been seen that the data corruption or errors may occur in the data and make them inaccessible. Windows XP is also not apart from this and data loss and corruption has been seen in it too.